Statistic show that 80% of college students walkway from their faith by the end of their second year. We would love to think that that does not include our love ones, but unfortunately for most of us, it does. What if there was a way to be prepared for real life before they messed up? What if there was away to help someone transition from a high school student to a college student without taking a year off? The next step transition program is designed for just that.

Students who participate in this program will take their first year of college and spend it in a safe environment while learning how to deal with every day issues like school and work as well as enhancing their spiritual life and social life.


What this program offers?

– Educational Assistance to bridge the gap between high school & college

– Assistance in growing in spiritual maturity (prayer life, devotion, ministry)

– Assistance in obtaining ministerial credentials with the Assemblies of God (optional)

– Guidance in how to manage financial responsibility

– Guidance in how to handle everyday situations properly


The Next Step is dedicated to offering instruction in successful Christian living, focusing on three areas: Leadership  //  Responsibility  //  Service


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